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The Texas Education Agency works with communities and districts to identify and recruit students who have already dropped out of Texas public schools and provide them services designed to enable them to succeed by completing a high school diploma or an alternative path to college.

Texas CAN! Graduation

Getting All Texas Students to Graduation
Since the Texas Education Agency (TEA) launched the Texas Dropout Recovery Pilot Program (TDRP) in 2008, more than 4,000 students have been reenrolled - more than twice the number projected. Further, 1,300 students have earned a high school diploma or credential and demonstrated college readiness and more than half of the students have enrolled in an institute of higher education.

Strengthening and Expanding College Readiness for Off-Track Youth
TEA created the TDRP to expand its capacity to provide flexible dropout recovery resources that increase the numbers of students who earn a high school diploma or an alternative pathway to college and become college ready. In addition to grant funds for programs, TEA offers professional development institutes and webinars, materials and tools to strengthen programming, an opportunity to network with others throughout the state who are engaged in the same work, information on available funding, and promising practices from around the state and nationally. Read more about TEA projects.

New & Noteworthy

Released: College, Career & Technology Academy Toolkit

This on-line "guidebook" contains instructions, tools and materials for practitioners seeking to prepare off-track, out-of-school youth for postsecondary success. Each section of the toolkit describes how CCTA approached a specific aspect of planning and implementing the Back on Track Through College design.

Released: Back on Track Through College: Supporting GED Students' Success in Postsecondary Education

Restore Education transforms former dropouts into college students, efficiently preparing them for the GED while building their college-readiness skills and supporting them to earn a college credit.  This tool describes how Restore Education strategically uses its limited resources to deliver all three phases of the Back on Track model.

Released: Back on Track through College in the Rio Grande Valley: From Dropout Recovery to Postsecondary Success

This brief details a groundbreaking school model in Texas's Rio Grande Valley that helps off-track youth graduate and transition into college.  With ongoing support from the Texas Education Agency, the College, Career & Technology Academy has graduated almost 1,000 former dropouts and off-track youth in five years.